Our main idea

Existence of the legal profession in the modern world and its current image is tragic to society. Imagine hundreds of highly developed, motivated workers who are trying to implement ineffective governmental norms and prescriptions while piling up reams of unnecessary papers of already bureaucratic system.

The intellectual potential of these people could be aimed at the development of innovations, culture and science! We live in a hi-tech, fast-growing society that changes every minute. Things, that were unconceivable few years before, nowadays are available and easy to use. Nevertheless, when the dispute appears, one still needs a lawyer and a judge, to prove his guiltlessness.

The question appears: "Is it rational in the 21st with the rise of technologies to claim for at least 3 physical bodies to settle one's argument, for example with his neighbor, in terms of time and energy consumption?" The answer is quite obvious, if not - let's appeal to the facts. It is not a secret that in the next decade, Elon Musk's company, SpaceX, is planning to start Mars colonization and deliver first 100 settlers to the red planet. Are there going to be any accustomed lawyers on board of that pioneer spaceship? We highly doubt it.

Have you ever noticed the occupation of people who reach the highest ranks in the list of the richest people in the world? Mostly there are representatives of the IT and commodity magnates - those are people who offer technological solutions.

Legal engineer is a new generation of legal professionals. Apparently, the universe of jurisprudence moves exactly in this direction, and lexnet.io comes with it.

In our opinion, mankind would have reached out much further, if the freshly graduated law students didn't have to waste their newly attained knowledge, ambitions and talents on the tiresome, routine work. The amount of paper used in the law field nowadays would be enough to build one actual road to Mars, but it is used for innumerable number of treaties, applications and claims. Lexnet targets to change the setup, to create native rights system and develop a technology where one's rights could be fulfilled and protected through the gadgets. After all, we are the ones who are responsible for the crafting of the better future! lexnet.io philosophy lies in the creation of new type of jurisprudence with innovational approach to the legal services and their deployment in everyday life of average citizen.